New audience, more business


Republic and Suunto begun their collaboration in 2012 with Republic being responsible for Suunto’s communications. One goal of the collaboration has been to communicate about Suunto products in a more diverse way to the female audience and to grow this consumer group. When the collaboration begun, only a fraction of Suunto users were female.


Lifestyle media communications and influencer communications were added as an active part of Suunto’s communications. At the same time, Suunto concentrated more on the female consumers in their design by launching the first female-targeted watch in 2016. As the newest product for this desired target group, Suunto 3 Fitness was launched in spring of 2018. Product seeding, different events, and collaboration projects support both the launches of new products and the sales of the products already on the market. The influencers play an important role in the communications, and collaboration with them is continuous and long-term.


Today, almost ¾ of Suunto 3 Fitness are female. The results from Finland have been an example for other markets of successful growing of a target group through communications.