Since its founding ten years ago, Republic’s main purpose has been to create Finland’s most marketing-focused communications and to define the concept of communications more flexibly than others. This was the starting point of our story, redefining the limits of what communications can be. Our goal is to be more commercially driven than communications agencies, more strategic than advertising agencies, and more integrated than media agencies.

As the 2010s roll forward, this breakthrough way of thinking has turned out to be even more true than before. Clients require their agencies to have the ability to move naturally between communications and marketing, complete digital competence, and the ability to take responsibility of commercial goals. We combine the best tools and practices in marketing communications into powerful targeted weapons to support our clients’ marketing communications.


We have a reputation as an agency that can solve clients’ business challenges with innovative and strategic marketing communications. In addition to high client satisfaction, we have proof of the commercial success stories we have created. We’re interested in actual numbers and results. Data directs everything we do. We don’t guess, we measure.

For us, being international is more than having meetings in English or attending a seminar in New York. Every day, we build success stories that carry outside of Finland as well. We help Finnish companies to global markets and international companies to Finnish markets. We have honed our marketing communications and strategies already on 40 markets.

Our most important resource has always been our employees, who have grown and broadened their skills through experience and by recruiting new people. Republic has become one of the most interesting workplaces in the field, luring in Finland’s most creative talents from communications, advertising, and media agencies, as well as from the media and from companies’ leading positions.

We will still go bravely where no other communications agency has not gone before us. We are Republic, Finland’s only commercially driven communications and marketing agency.